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Model JDT95
Type Single cylinder, horizontal, water cooled
Combustion mode Turbine
Bore (mm) 86
Piston stroke (mm) 90
12 hours power (kW / min) 6.25(8.5)/2400
1 hour power (kW / min) 6.99(9.5)/2400
Piston Displacement (L) 0.522
Compression ratio 20:1
Piston average speed (m / s) 7.2
Fuel consumption rate (g / kWh) 273.4
Oil consumption rate (g / kWh) ≤2.72
Fuel injection pressure 13±0.49
Valve clearance (mm) Intake valve 0.2 ~ 0.3 exhaust valve 0.25 ~ 0.35
Ahead of view of fuel distribution 18°±1°
Valve timing Inlet valve open: 15 °
Inlet valve off: 35 °
Exhaust valve open: 48 °
Exhaust valve off: 15 °
Fuel pump mode BFGIKD75Z01
Needle mode ZCK145S428
Lubrication method Mixed with oil mist splashing
Start mode Hand
Illumination Engine 120W
Flywheel rotation direction Counterclockwise (observer facing flywheel)
Governor method Whole full centrifugation
Net quality ≤105
Dimensions 795×370×560
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