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Model JD6500EW
Rated frequency(Hz) 50 60
Rated voltage(V) 230 240
Rated current(A) 8.7 9.2
Rated output(KVA) 2.0 2.2
Rated speed(rpm) 3000 3600
Rated welding current(A) 160
Welding rated voltage(V) 26
Welding load duration 40%
Current adjustment range(A) 50-180
Power factor(cosθ) 1.0
Phase number Simplex
Total measurement[mm(in)] 720×492×650(28.35×19.37×25.60)
Net weight[kg(lbs.)] 102(224.4)
Structure type Type O
Continuous running time 12 hours
Incentive mode Self-excited, constant pressure
Start the system Electrical start
Engine model JD186FE
Engine type Horizontal bar, model, air-cooled, diesel engine vertical
Rated power[kw/HP(Speed per minute)] 5.7(7.75)/3000   6.3(8.57)/3600
Fuel 0 # (summer) 10 (winter light diesel oil)
Lubricating oil 10W30SAE
Fuel tank capacity (plus)(L) 12.5(2.75)
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