Our company organized personnel to attend the "return of the king" large-scale system operation training in Zhejiang

In October 18, 2014, the "return of the king" large system operation training organized by our company was successfully carried out in Zhejiang Zongheng business school, which is the first time since the establishment of the company.



In order to better improve the comprehensive quality of our team, better meet the needs of customers and provide better services for customers, the company organized this training. The training lecturer is the chairman and President of Zongheng education group.


Chen tingjun. I believe that through this study, we can greatly improve our products, operation management and marketing, and bring customers a more perfect service system.




The training and publicity activities lasted for 3 days, and service and efficiency were the focus of the training. Chen tingjun pointed out in his lecture that good communication and establishing a relationship of mutual trust with customers are the key to providing good customer service. We're going to set it up.

It is important to always maintain a calm, warm and friendly service attitude in communication. This is a major event related to the survival of enterprises and the growth of personal career. Total of this training course

13 people attended. During the lecture, everyone listened attentively and took notes carefully.




On October 20, the training was successfully completed, and the participants unanimously responded well and hoped to hold more similar training.