Golden Power

My company business philosophy: product quality service sincere innovation and sustainable management of human nature

Product quality

In the rapid development of market economy today, the competition between enterprises gradually white-hot, and product quality is the core competitiveness of enterprises is one of the manifestations. So, the quality of life is the enterprise, is the soul of the enterprise, any enterprise needs to survive and develop all need to be committed to improving product quality.

First of all, I introduced the company's product quality management concept, the product quality "after the inspection" to "pre-prevention" to strengthen the production process of quality inspection and quality supervision, fundamentally eliminate the sacrifice of all the quality may.

Secondly, I also developed a detailed quality standards. From the product process design to the procurement of raw materials, from production to off the assembly line, from the packing to the transport, each link has developed a detailed, controllable quality standards, strengthen product quality "things in control."

Finally, my company has long received the feedback from customers, and according to customer demand for product quality problems to investigate and rectification. Customer is the best product quality of the referee, the customer's dissatisfaction is the direction of business improvement, improve customer satisfaction with the enterprise is the eternal magic weapon. And strive to excellence in quality awareness, to create well-known brands, dedication products, is the eternal pursuit of my company.

Improve service

In the seller's market gradually transformed into the buyer's market today, in addition to quality, service is also affecting the degree of customer acceptance of one of the important factors. In response to this situation, our company to develop the following measures:

1. To stand on the customer's position rather than the company's position, the product research, design and improvement;

2. Strengthen the entire service process before, during and after the service, the customer in the use of products in the timely problems to help;

3. Attaches great importance to customer comments, so that customers participate in decision-making, to deal with customer comments as the most important part;

4. Build all customer-centric mechanisms.

Innovation continues

Innovation is the foundation of enterprise production and development. For an enterprise, innovation is not only reflected in technological innovation, but also can include many aspects, such as: management innovation, cultural innovation, system innovation, marketing innovation and so on.

Technological innovation is the core content of enterprise innovation, it is the implementation of the organization and process management to provide the necessary support and protection. My company is mainly reflected in the two aspects of technological innovation: on the one hand to improve the utilization of material factors, on the other hand is the introduction of advanced equipment and technology.

Management innovation is the introduction of new management ideas, methods, means, means of organization and innovation, can improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, reduce the transaction costs of enterprises, open up the market, thus forming a unique brand.

Cultural innovation refers to the enterprise in order to make the development and the environment to match, according to their own nature and characteristics of the formation of corporate values to reflect the corporate culture, in essence, is the corporate culture construction breakthroughs with the actual management of business management of the rigid cultural ideas and views To achieve the transition to all the innovation process through the new mode of management changes.

Institutional innovation refers to a more effective process of restricting the behavior of enterprises in a series of rules for the organization of enterprise technology innovation and process management to provide support and protection.

Marketing innovation is an effective way for enterprises to enhance their customers' value, gain and maintain their advantages. Specifically, the enterprises are adapting to the objective changes of the new marketing environment and form the correct understanding or view. The new market is occupied and expanded. I started to establish a strategic alliance, adjust the marketing agency, strengthen marketing communication, to achieve the continuous innovation of marketing organizations.

Management of human nature

 "People-oriented" is the mainstream of modern management theory in the 21st century, but many companies still see workers as machine-like equipment. My company in the real management of the "people" as the core of management, full respect for employees, caring staff, to stimulate the enthusiasm of the staff to meet the actual needs of employees, advocate to encourage "people" to improve the overall business and " The harmonious development. The core of my company's management is: from the perspective of human nature, so that employees feel the organization of care in the environment to work, so as to stimulate the enthusiasm of the staff and creativity, and to achieve the purpose of improving production efficiency.